Strategic Partnerships & Collaborative Initiatives

Title Principal Investigator Status Year Funded
Gambling Participation Instrument Williams & Volberg In Progress 2011/12
Social & Economic Impacts of Gambling in Alberta (SEIGA) Williams & Humphreys Project Complete 2008/09
Cohort Gene Study (LLLP) el-Guebaly et al. Project Complete 2007/08
CPGI Update Healthy Horizons Consulting Project Complete 2004/05
Gambling in Canada 2005 Gibbins & Azmier Project Complete 2004/05
Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory (CAGI) Wiebe et al. Project Complete 2003/04 (Phase I) 2007/08 (Phase II) 2008/09 (Phase III)
Social & Economic Impact Anielski Management Inc. Project Complete 2003/04
What is a Crime? Challenges and alternatives Campbell Project Complete 2003/04
Leisure, Lifestyle, Lifecycle Project (LLLP) el-Guebaly et al. Project Complete 2003/04